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A Visit to the Old Kakoschke Farm

A Visit to the Old Kakoschke Farm (or what’s left of it anyway) 2015 marked the centenary of the death of the original Aussie Kakoschke – Johann Friedrich Wilhelm, better known as Jack. In September, my brother Lex and I had the opportunity to visit the ruins of the old Kakoschke family home, out on …

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A New Branch or Two on the Family Tree

 Persistence has finally paid off. For years I’ve been sifting through scans of old documents in an effort to extend the family tree further back in time on the Kakoschke line. After pouring over dozens of barely legible scans of births, deaths and marriages in Groß-Blumberg and Pommerzig from the latter half of the 19th …

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Is it “icy” in Iceland?

Too bloomin’ right it is! At least we were fortunate enough to experience Iceland in all its ‘winter beauty’ when we visited in February/March. Iceland is not nearly as freezing as the rest of Scandinavia is though (thinking back to Christmas in Finland a few years back!). It’s due to the warm ocean currents I …

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