July 2008 Travels

Have been enjoying travelling again during July. Too many hours sitting in aeroplanes though!
Muscat to Bangkok, down to Krabi, back to Bangkok, west to Nairobi (9.5 hours…) then on to Dar es Salaam via Zanzibar. Cessna flights to Selous National Park and back to Dar. Then Dar to Nairobi via Kilimanjaro, east to Bangkok (9.5 hours again…). A couple days later Bangkok to Muscat, overnight stop then on to Addis Ababa via Dubai. A couple days later fly Addis to Dar es Salaam. Then on to Mwanza, Musoma and by road to the village of Burere. More flights Musoma, Mwanza, Dar es Salaam, Addis Ababa, Dubai and finally home to Muscat. Whew! Over 37,500 kilometres in all.

July 2008 travel map

July 2008 travels

Flew with Oman Air, Air Asia, Kenya Airways, Precision Air, Coastal Aviation (Tanzania), Emirates & Ethiopian Airlines.

Enjoy the slide show above by clicking the left/right arrows, or follow the link on the right to my Picasa web albums to see more photos from this trip.