Johann Kakoschke – 1840

I recently happened upon a copy of Amts-Blatt der Regierung zu (Government Gazette) Potsdam 1840, where reference is made to a Johann Kakoschke who evidently lost his travel documents. From the dates and ages mentioned this chap is not a direct ancestor, but is almost certainly a relative. In any event, it’s quite rare to find relevant old records of this type, so it’s worth making a note of. My thanks to Andrew Price for providing the translation:

The passport which at my request was issued to log raftsman Johann Kakoschke by District Secretary Ehrlich in Crossen on the 17th of the month, sub. number 427, to enable him to travel to Stettin to float wood there, was lost by him in the night of the 22nd to the 23rd of the month on the way from Berlin to Müncheberg, along with a red leather wallet. The passport of Mr Kakoschke, whose description I am including here, is therefore declared invalid.

In the aforementioned wallet, besides an order for payment for 1 thaler and several letters to Mr Kakoschke, there was also a contract which he had concluded with the widow of wood dealer Staudinger in Berlin. For the return of the wallet, along with its contents, Mr Kakoschke is offering a reward of 1 thaler and 15 silver groschen.

Fritschendorf, 31st August 1840
Royal District Administrator, District of  Crossen
v. Rheinbaben


Mr Kakoschke is resident in Rädnitz of this District, born in Pommerzig, religion protestant, 37 years old, 5 foot 2 inches high, has black-brown curly hair, free forehead, blond eyebrows, grey eyes, strong nose, large mouth, brown beard, broad chin, long face, healthy colour and is of stocky stature.  His left little finger is missing a phalanx.