Happy New Year 2010

Still a bit hard to believe, isn’t it? The year being 2010 I mean. Hope you enjoyed your New Year’s celebrations. For us, it was the dinner buffet and dance at the Muscat Intercon Hotel. Great food – awful music! It did begin to improve once the hour of midnight struck, but by then we had to leave to collect the little ones from the babysitter. Overall still a pleasant evening, but would have been better with decent music.

Now for a quick catch-up on recent items of note. I’ve placed a link at the top of the page for Morgan Cemetery. Some Kakoschke descendants are organizing headstones for ancestral graves there and are seeking contributions from other descendants. I’ve contributed and if you too are a descendant of Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Kakoschke hope that you will as well.

In other news, my daughter Skye and her husband Simon joined us here in Muscat for Christmas this year. It’s been great having them here and we took the opportunity to give the Hummer a good workout by doing a 3 day trip to the interior, visiting Jebel Shams, Wadi Damm, ancient (around 5,000 year old) tombs near the village of Bat and the spectacular An Nakhur Gorge with 1,500 metre cliffs rising above you. Awesome! Also, Jebel Misht with nearly sheer cliffs rising to over 2,000m – quite spectacular too and such a pleasure to photograph. I’ve posted some photos to Picasa and below is a slide-show with some of them.

Scenes from Oman (2009) Click picture to view larger size
Well, that’s it for my first post of 2010. Cheers!