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1902 Dust Storm

MORGAN – November 19, 1902

A peculiar phenomenon was witnessed here last Wednesday which lasted for over an hour. The township became enveloped in red dust, so dense that indoors it was as dark as night. Lamps had to be lit, their light contrasted by the red glare outside was so white that it resembled electricity. The window panes, looking at them from inside, appeared as though they were red. While this phenomenon lasted the wind that had previously been blowing very strongly moderated. It again became very strong and cleared the atmosphere. One farmer informed me that his fowls went to roost. During the storm three children belonging to Mr. Kakoschke, who lives a few miles from here, got lost while on their way to school. A search party was organised and it was not till next day at about 3 o’clock that they were found. They had been out all night and appeared little the worse for their experience.

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